MADFORM Ice Gel (120ml)


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MadFreeze is MADFORM’s very own cryotherapy Cold Gel. If you train hard every time and need to reduce the movement of fluids in the muscle during the first couple of hours after having been impacted, MadFreeze Cold Gel is the perfect remedy.

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MADFREEZE is a cold gel that works like an ice pack. It provides quick relief for painful muscles or joints caused by fatigue tension, strains, sprains and pulls. It is easy to apply and rapidly absorbed.

MadFreeze Cold Gel has a base of isopropyl alcohol, menthol,camphor and Yerba Mate (llex paraguayensis) which creates a powerful cold effect.

The use of cold in medicine is known as cryotherapy or ice pack therapy. Ice packs are often used to treat contusions, traumas or other injuries during first aid. This decreases the activity within the cells which reduce oxygen demands within the muscles.

MadFreeze Cold Gel also causes a process called vasoconstriction. Vasoconstriction makes the blood vessels more narrow and reduces the movement of liquids within the muscles. This helps to slow down the appearance of swelling and bruising, which is why ice is often applied to injuries during first aid.


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