MADFORM Warm-Up (120ml)


Injury Prevention and Muscle Preparation Cream

Prepare, protect, and perform better with our most popular muscle warming cream.


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MADFORM Warm-Up Prepares the Muscles

Madform Warm-Up protects your muscles with increased blood flow before you start training. It also helps prepare you for the next training by soothing tight muscles. It contains elements that cause vasodilation which increases the flow of blood to the area where applied. This amazing cream provides two main uses: sport and therapeutic.

On one hand the formula is ideal for helping to prepare the muscles and joints before taking part in sport or any other physical activity. The gel does not substitute a warm-up before exercise, but when used in conjunction with a physical warm-up it will help to prevent strains and pulls.

As a therapeutic product it is particularly effective in the treatment of chronic injuries. (Chronic injuries are defined as injuries that last for more than 72 hours.) Chronic injuries are most effectively treated with heat. As a result it can be used to great effect on conditions such as lumbago, arthritis, rheumatism, etc.

This product has been tested and has an AEMPS code from the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Sanitary Products.

It is one of the few warming sensation gels on the market that will not cause itching or irritation.



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