MADFORM Spartan Kit (120ml)


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If you train like a warrior then you need the Spartan Kit.

This triple pack has all the signature MADFORM creams, but Double the power to help you train harder, longer, and recover faster. We offer a great deal on this kit to make sure you can have it in your bag ready to go. From start to finish train like a warrior ready for competition.


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BQ created the Madform Spartan Kit to be a perfect compliment with other physio tools for preventing injuries and recovering from a hardcore workout. As a result, the system provides what athletes need from start to finish. While Spartans are renown for their courage, discipline, and conditioning. Probably, people don’t realize there had to be a focus on muscle recovery, which assisted in their ability to train and fight with such high intensity day in and day out.

Madform Spartan Kit contains:

1 x 120ml Tube of Warm-up Cream

1 x 120ml Tube of Double Cream

1 x 120ml Tube of MadFreeze

No substitutions allowed.


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