MADFORM Double Power (60ml)


Extra Strength Muscle Recovery Cream

Recover faster with a Double dose of hot and cold power therapy, and Double the strength in muscle recovery. Rub in this top performance cream for muscular sports injuries and severe stiffness after your hardcore workouts.

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Madform Double Power cream provides extra strength muscle recovery that has been developed to help your muscles recover faster after physical activity.

This cream is also excellent when you are suffering from fatigue, stiffness or sprains and it can help to reduce the appearance of traumas. Double Power cream helps the muscles to return to their optimum level more quickly for competition or daily life.

When you massage in the muscle recovery cream it produces a sensation of hot and cold. Heat causes an effect called vasodilationwhich is a widening of the blood vessels. So when you apply MADFORM Double Strength the vessels that run through the muscles are stimulated. Cold causes vasoconstriction which is a narrowing of the vessels, in this case the ones closer to the skin. The combined result is an improved blood flow deep within your muscles. The blood carries the oxygen that your muscles need to recover.

MADFORM Double Strength is easy to apply. It is suitable for all sports people, professionals or amateurs.

This product has been tested and has an AEMPS code from the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Sanitary Products.

It is one of the muscle recovery creams on the market that will not cause itching or irritation.


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