MADFORM Amazonian Kit (120ml)


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Amazonians were the Greatest female warriors.

The Amazonian Kit is a triple pack that has all the signature MADFORM creams to help you train harder, longer, and recover faster. Woman’s Running gave MADFORM Sport Formula a Gold Medal. We offer a great deal on this kit to make sure you can have it in your bag ready to go. From start to finish you can feel great like a champion.


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The Complete Kit for the Female Athlete Warrior.

The Amazonian Kit was created with the female athlete warrior in mind. The system kit has everything one needs for injury prevention and muscle recovery. The Amazon Women were considered the ultimate warriors. They were all in top peak condition and trained daily to be the best warriors in their time. Amazonians understood their mind and bodies were their greatest assets and took care of themselves religiously. Not only did they train rigorously, but they took care of their bodies unconditionally with proper recovery.

Amazonian Kit Contains:

1 x 120ml Tube of Warm-up Cream
1 x 120ml Tube of Sport Formula Cream
1 x 120ml Tube of MadFreeze

No substitutions allowed.