Best Sellers 2020

Our customers have spoken. These products are the most popular items for 2020. Check out the TOP 5 and find out why. Our Top 5 spot was a 3-way tie. Lucky for you because you get to see more choices.

TOP #1

Feel the icing action of MADFREEZE (120ml) on your muscles and receive the benefits of Cryotherapy to reduce inflammation or bruising and compliment the recovery cream of MADFORM SPORT FORMULA for faster muscle recovery. Traditionally, athletes will apply ice packs to affected muscles after working out or competition to reduce soreness and stiffness, but with modern science now you can apply ice gel to conveniently simulate the benefits of icing. Did we mention it is also available in MADFREEE 60ml size.

TOP #2

With the power of recovery and soothing relief MADFORM Sport Formula (60ml) comes in a solid 2nd place. Good things do come in small packages. Convenient to carry, this tube of powerful recovery cream is a perfect compliment to MADFORM MadFreeze (60ml) to create the perfect combination to attack sore muscles and get you back to normal faster. No excuses to not have this as a part of your training or competition routine. There is a reason why this is TOP #2 on this list. Feel the power today.

TOP #3

Double the power, double the speed of recovery. MADFORM DOUBLE POWER (120ml) is definitely popular for it’s great pain relief and ability to overcome cramping and tired muscles during races and afterwards when you are relaxing. Purchase today and feel why our customers chose to make this a TOP 3 seller.

TOP #4

No surprise here. MADFORM WARM-UP CREAM (120ml) is a favorite around the world. The warm feeling goes deep inside your muscles providing soothing relief. This one is especially great for tight neck and shoulders or lower back pain.

TOP #5

The smaller version of MADFORM WARM-UP (60ml) is super popular because the size makes it easy to carry. This way you are sure to have the warm soothing feeling available at your finger tips anytime you need it. Whether you put it inside your trail backpack, back of your cycling jersey, your purse, or pocket it is there for you to grab and use easily.

TOP #5

We don’t travel a lot these days, but we still like convenience. The DELUXE RACE TRAVEL KIT, which comes with MADFORM WARM-UP, DOUBLE POWER, and MADFREEZE in sachet form is perfect for athletes who like to just bring the essentials. These sachets are worry free and require no thinking because they go where you go and will pass TSA without any issues. Whether it’s a vacation, training, or a race you can be sure you are prepared with everything for every situation.

TOP #5

Electrolytes + Energy Boost! SALTSTICK CAPS PLUS 100ct have been formulated to provide electrolytes to help minimize heat stress and muscle cramping due to perspiration, in a quantity and form which your body can absorb. This product is ideal for athletes, outdoor workers or for use in hot conditions. There is a reason why so many world-champion athletes choose SaltStick for their electrolyte replacement. We also carry convenient re-sealable SALTSTICK CAPS PLUS 3ct packets for competition. Order today and feel the difference immediately.