Muscle recovery is the most important thing when it comes to your ability to perform at a high level consistently with longevity. Do you want to train harder, longer, and recover faster so you can push and maximize every training?

To achieve optimal muscle recovery you need to ice down affected muscles to reduce inflammation and then maximize blood flow to generate healing and recovery. Immediately apply MadFreeze Cold Gel after training to reduce inflammation. Then afterwards when you are resting, massage in some Madform Sport Formula to increase blood flow and feel your muscles heal. Feeling extra sore and fatigued? You might want to use something stronger. Try out Madform Double Power to double the soothing action and pain relief.

Do your muscles seize-up or tighten up suddenly after a tough workout or after a race? Do you feel weak, fatigued, or get headaches after running under the sun? These are all symptoms of heat stress and electrolyte imbalance due to sweating and not replenishing your electrolytes. SaltStick Electrolyte products will solve these problems and get you back on your feet to go about your day and train even harder the next day.