As individuals we are limited, but as a community we are limitless. RISE Together with BQ.

Our Mission

BQ’s mission is to inspire individuals and communities to RISE TOGETHER to create a better world. We share this mission by providing the best health and fitness related products, apparel, and services to our customers who share our belief.

A percentage of BQ’s profits are contributed to charities locally and globally. Our desire is to make an impact on a personal and global level. Seems like many big companies don’t care about people anymore…they care about profits. In contrast, BQ believes by caring about people…everybody profits.

The First Step

BQ was founded in 2014 on a small island once known as Formosa. The two individuals had big aspirations to make the world a better place.

The partners recognized a lot of active people and even athletes in Asia didn’t know about proper training and recovery. The passion to create change gave them the courage to quit their steady jobs and go all in to develop BQ.  BQ is about sharing innovative training techniques and recovery products to benefit individuals. Their belief is to help everyone to bounce forward in their lives and to R.I.S.E Together.

Almost everybody can be in a better place physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to become whole again and healthy. In return, we can contribute back and make this a better world for not just ourselves, but for everyone.

Our Products

BQ coined the term “Conscience Science.” Science must understand morally there is a right way and a wrong way. BQ’s products use the highest standards of science with a conscience understanding. Meaning, science participates to assist and to create an efficient bridge for the natural ingredients to be transported. Also, utilized by the body or intertwined with materials to create the highest quality of products to benefit our customers.Above all, the products BQ offers represent the purest form and essence of excellence in nature and in science to create the best products for our customers.

R.I.S.E. Together

BQ believes in R.I.S.E., which stands for Respect, Inspire, Support, and Energize. Respecting oneself is just as important as respecting others. By planting the seed of respect within every individual we can then begin to see the fruits of confidence, pride, and self worth.

All good things start with RESPECT. Through our workshops and group functions we encourage people to challenge themselves and to INSPIRE others to go outside their comfort zone and to learn more skills if not master them. BQ believes in giving SUPPORT on many different levels. It is only through support that we are able to reach higher and we are shooting to reach the stars. We strive to make an impact and support our local community and eventually on a global level. Ideas are great, but follow through is the most important. To help people to become enablers you have to ENERGIZE them first. We definitely take on the role of energizing everyone to believe that anything is possible, especially when done as a team.

People should be recognized for not only the tangibles, but also the intangibles. Individuals become energized with pride and inspired to achieve more when they sense their efforts are recognized, appreciated, and extends beyond themselves. These are the core values of our company and members.